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My Blood is Celluloid

And Your Movie Taste Really Sucks

We Love Movies A Little Too Much
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The best place to discuss anything about movies. Argue, debate, lecture, question, adore, insult, whine - as long as it's about movies, anything goes.

1. I am the boss, and can ban you if you are an asshole (but I will tell you why).
2. Don't be too sensitive, or your sensitive soul will be banned. Nobody likes a whiner.
3. Nothing racist, sexist, or homophobic, bur otherwise, fight all you want. This is a place to battle over films.
- If a personal attack is made on any member of this community, you get a warning. Do it again, and your ass is banned. Note: This does not include saying, 'You have the cinematic taste of a dead rat.'
4. No off-topic posts, but feel free to bitch about the evils of blockbuster

DO NOT JOIN if you like shitty movies, think Blockbuster has a wide variety of films, or think Akira Kurosawa is a sushi dish.

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This site created, maintained, moderated, and ocassionally groped by
film_whore (AKA, beatrix_kiddo, or film_slut
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