Каскадерша Любви (kaskadersha) wrote in film_fetish,
Каскадерша Любви

Can anyone help?

I was wondering if anyone has pictures of family members or themselves taken at the airport or with suitcases. The idea is, that for my student film, which is titled "Immigrant Tales" for the opening titles I'd like to use pictures of immigrants upon their arrival sporting the 'I just got here' look. However, I'm sure it'll work if people are with suitcases or in a merry huddle at any airport.

The ideal scenario is that you have a 2 mb digital file taken by a 5 megapixel camera, but I'll take any prints you have (of course with the authorization to use the image). It would also be awsome if people are from different parts of the world. So please dig in your shoe boxes and forgotten picture folders. I can't really afford to pay you, but you'll be credited in the film. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!

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